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Aesthetic Perfection – Wickedness

Live footage of "Wickedness" taken across the European leg of our 2019 World Tour. Audio recorded at Backstage in Munich, Germany....

Intent:Outtake feat. Chris L. – Auf Ewigkeit

"Auf Ewigkeit" is the titletrack of the new EP by INTENT:OUTTAKE and CHRIS L., well known from the bands AGONOIZE and...

Celluloide – Quelque Chose S’Efface

New 2019 single by Celluloide. From the forthcoming album Futur Antérieur (out Jan 2020). Limited 7" single, white vinyle edition with exclusive...

Agonoize – Blutgruppe Jesus (-)

Agonoize - Blutgruppe Jesus (-) / Schmerzpervers 2.0 (EP)

CattaC – Just One More Day

Hypnotic beats quicken the pulse, dark electro sounds touch the soul’s depths and a striking voice gives the command: “Rising Demons” is...

Mental Exile – Renegades

“Renegades” is extracted from the Mental Exile EP “Exile nights”. Released on November 23, 2018 by Alfa Matrix.

T.O.Y. – Fragile

Official music video "Fragile" by T.O.Y. Directed by Rytis TitasAssistant: Lina Pakalnytė Dancer: May Chen Mei "Fragile" written...

MajorVoice – Bleed

Taken from the upcoming album "This Lonely Ark"; Release: 20.09.2019

Rroyce – Parallel Worlds

The Single "Parallel Worlds" is taken from the 3rd Studio-Album "PATIENCE". Album release date: 27/09/2019 Single release date: 13/09/2019

Zoodrake – Sent To You

video by Lens Flare Clips / shot by J. Tochtenhagen, J. Scheuer edit by J. Scheuer fx by

Daybehavior – Theres Nothing Else

Daybehavior's fourth full length album will be available shortly Based On A True Story is prepared with 12 new tracks

Gimme Shelter – Friedensfahrt

Promotional video by Black Day/Gimme Shelter, 2019. "Friedensfahrt" is taken from the album "Friedensfahrt", which will be released...

Psy’Aviah – Searching (ft. Mari Kattman)

Searching without giving up even though... ~ Music video for the song "Searching" ft. Mari Kattman. Lyrics & credits below. == Song...

Empirion – ADSR (feat. Erik Grieve)

Video by Grobkorn & Empirion

Sea of Sin – You

This is the brand new Music Video for latest Single "You" of German Synthpop Band SEA OF SIN. The Single comes along...

District 13 – Feuer deiner Augen

Label: KL-Dark Records Written and composed by M.C. Kurenbach Song Lyrics by Alex Erbacher/ District 13 Produced by Per-Anders Kurenbach...

Latest News

Insight`s neues Album “A New Day”

Nach ihrer letzten Veröffentlichung "A Light In The Darkness" im Jahr 2016 bringen Insight im Jahr 2019...

Tri-State veröffentlichen “Tri-Wired World, Part 2 + 3”

21 Jahre tri-state – 21 Jahre Symphonic Dark Electro fernab des Szene-Mainstreams. Zu diesem Anlass präsentieren tri-state...

Pro Patria drittes Album

Das legendäre belgische EBM-Projekt Pro Patria kehrt mit seinem dritten Album "Executioner" zurück, packt den Hörer...

Lucifer’s Aid`s “Panic”

Carl Nilsson alias Lucifer's Aid aus Stockholm, Schweden, präsentiert eines der absolut härtesten und besten Alben, die...
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