Sonntag, Oktober 24, 2021
1.0 Musik1.2 VideosAccessory - Too Many Nights

Accessory – Too Many Nights


1.0 Musik1.2 VideosAccessory - Too Many Nights

The official music video for our song „Too Many Nights“. The track was released on the album ELEKTRIK and can be purchased on CD from the Infacted Recordings label. The video was created with the help of our dear Accessory Twitch Community. Special thanks go to all those involved and actors for their commitment, creativity and contribution. Without you we wouldn’t have been able to bring such a great video to the start. Here are the names of all actors: Markus Königstein Robert Korittke Lisa Reuter Falk Reuter Elisabeth Funke Susi Schmidt Agostino Damiano Karine-Labelle Brochu Louis-Philippe Bouchard Mike Koenigsberger Dirk Steyer Have fun watching our video. Many thanks again to everyone involved, to all of our friends and family, and a big thank you to all fans and supporters all over the world.

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