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1.0 Musik1.2 VideosAgonoize - A Vampire Tale (Bloodlust/ Blocks On The...

Agonoize – A Vampire Tale (Bloodlust/ Blocks On The Floor)


1.0 Musik1.2 VideosAgonoize - A Vampire Tale (Bloodlust/ Blocks On The Floor)

Official Video for „A Vampire Tale (Bloodlust) from the „A Vampire Tale EP“ Label: RepoRecords Germany Music & Lyrics: Agonoize When I had the Idea to shoot a Stop Motion Video, almost 10 Month ago, I didn’t had a Clue how to do Stop Motion. I’ve spend almost 5 Month with building the Sets and buying the Blocks and Figurines. I slowly got a Clue how complicated Stop Motion Work is and of course I am not 100 % satisfied with the Result, but I put all my Heart and Hard Work into this Project. I made many Mistakes with a lot of Things, but at one Point I had to finish it. So I made the Plan to shoot a Short-Movie to be released Summer/ Autumn 2020 to make it much better. Its my first try so be kind 😉 Anyway, thanks for all the Support, enjoy it…..

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