Freitag, Januar 21, 2022

Alphamay – Weak Philosophy


AllgemeinAlphamay - Weak Philosophy

Weak Philosophy is about all the distractions and false believes spreading in an ever growing digital world. Alienation and the search of one own`s truth are inspiration that leads those who are easily fooled into false beliefs often triggering a downward spiral of misconception and felt conspiracies. All this happens while those realizing that happiness is merely a state of conscious decision stand by and watch in bewilderment as more and more people seem to be sucked in this maelstrom of de-humanisation. We will not remain unseen.

Special thanks for their contribution to this video go out to Hannah, Marcel and Tobi! This video has been produced, directed and cut by Henning. Conception and Copyright: Alphamay. Dec.16.

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