Auger – Oxygen


Diving into the deep end can be scary but often falling in is the best way to learn how to swim. Sometimes goodbye is the last thing you’ll say to someone, but rather that privilege than to leave unspoken. Oxygen, like change, is essential to life. Breathe out.

Starring and thanks to (in order of appearance): Jared Farr Poppy Farr Ryder Farr Freddie Farr Harley Wilson Samantha Farr Stephen Farr Graciella Farr Jenny Kay

Directed by Kyle J Wilson Filmed by Jay Clapp, Kyle J Wilson Edited by Kyle J Wilson Lighting by Jay Clapp

Special thanks to all Kyle’s siblings and relatives for featuring in the video and for all their support, to Jay Clapp for his support and endless fountain of technical knowledge, and The Old Rock Factory in Blackpool for use of their film studio.

Auger @ Web

Auger Live

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