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Beyond Border (feat. N-Frequency) – Modern Love


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The song “Modern Love” is the second video release from the current Beyond Border EP “Saint”. Nicky Schulschenk from N-Frequency gives the song its special flavor. Thank you for this terrific vibes. Music: Michael Deiters Lyrics: Nicky Schulschenk Add. Vocs: Kai Vincenz Németh

Video made by Alain De Grox for Synth Heaven https://www.facebook.com/SynthHeavenO… Video contains excerpts from the CGI 3D Animated Short “More” by ArtFX School (Promo 2018). Directors: Ewald ALOEBOETOE, Valeria RAILEAN, Nicolas TURPIN & Cyrielle BOUNSER Specialist Student: Emmanuel HUMBERT www.artfx.fr.

Beyond Border @ Web


Beyond Border Live

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