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C Z A R I N A – Wonderland


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CREDITS Wonderland by C Z A R I N A Film and Music Credits: Directed by Deliris Films and The Kitsunes Director of Photography: Paul Carr Music by C Z A R I N A Presented by darkTunes Music Group Starring: C Z A R I N A as The Moon Priestess | Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Sun, Heart Elementals | The Ancient Guardian DeadlyKawaii as The Warrior Hamlet Bacon as The Little Baby Baphomet Produced by The Kitsunes Cinematography, Drone, Lighting, Editing, Additional VFX and Post-Production by Deliris Films CGI, VFX, Post-Production by The Kitsunes Costume, Prop, Hair & Make Up by The Kitsunes Underwater Cinematography by Iaroslav Deliris Films Crew Paul Carr Julia Cuyas Aleix Robert Josep Sobrevals Music Composition, Lyrics, Instrumentals, Performance, Recording and Production by C Z A R I N A Co-Production, Mixing, and Mastering by Von Hertzog at The Social Club (Reading, PA) Filmed and Recorded in Galicia, Spain

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