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1.0 Musik1.2 VideosDeath Loves Veronica - It Kills Like God

Death Loves Veronica – It Kills Like God


1.0 Musik1.2 VideosDeath Loves Veronica - It Kills Like God

“It Kills Like God” is a part of the Corruption for the Insidious album available 4/5/2022. It is the first video release from the album. © Copyright 2022 Veronica Campbell/DLV

All production, music and lyrics by Veronica Campbell
Mastering by Pete Burns

Not originally intended as the first music video release from the “Corruption” album, Veronica ditched plans for another video for this one, in an attempt to make a more impactful statement about the world around us.

Death Loves Veronica @ Web



Death Loves Veronica Live

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