1.0 Musik 1.2 Videos Diorama - The Minimum

Diorama – The Minimum


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1.0 Musik 1.2 Videos Diorama - The Minimum

the video was shot in a country house near granada / sierra nevada. and although it might look like yet another corona style socially distanced in-house concoction by some lone wolf, it was actually recorded this january before the whole thing got rolling. and strangely enough, this idea of the song to hit the brakes, to try and disengage from the toxic principle of “higher, faster, further, more” materialized. in a way that we couldn’t have foreseen. so, after reality has opened up an unintended access to the song, it’s our pleasure to share this little video we made with you, hoping that its atmosphere does justice to the message. right in the middle of a time when many things (especially in our culture/event/artist sector) continue being reduced to: the minimum.


shorter version

taken from the diorama album tiny missing fragments (23.10.2020)

music: torben wendt
lyrics: torben wendt
guitars: zura nakamura
additional drums: marquess
production and mix: torben wendt, felix marc

mastering: tom meyer / master and servant

camera: magic d

everything else: teedoubleyouann

cover artwork: user.dx and faizki
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kontor new media

reverberating like the tails of a dream that no one is remembering

Diorama @ Web


Diorama Live

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