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EBM project Susurration announces album “Make Love Like War”


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With «Make Love Like War» Susurration presents a multilayered and biting EBM album with strong Darkwave influences. The 10 tracks of «Make Love Like War» takes us on an abysmal journey through the human psyche. Besides stomping and driving dancefloor anthems, there are also some introverted and dreamy moments on the new album. Susurration combines the sound of real cellos with the dark electronic sounds on three tracks, which creates a particularly sensual atmosphere.

Susurration is the darkwave/EBM project of Dennis Bäsecke-Beltrametti, who works as a music theorist and theater music composer in Zurich. The Susurration project has been active since 2010, but redefined itself in terms of sound and content after the Corona pandemic. Now it appears with new self-confidence. While the album «1000 Stäbe» (Vö. December 2021) was still rather melancholic, playful and introverted, the new album «Make Love Like War» (Vö. September 30, 2022) represents the outbreak forward.

The album was already casting its shadow ahead: In February 2022 Susurration was presented by the music magazine “Sonic Seducer” with an interview and on the CD insert. The last singles «The Devil In Me» and «Consensual Noise Content» were played several times by various indie radios and DJ*anes and «The Devil In Me» was also included by X-tra Zurich in the official playlist for the party «More Than Mode».

Susurration deals on this album with different varieties of sexual diversity. Among other things, the songs address different BDSM dynamics and the conflicts around gender identities. Because of these themes, Susurration was invited by IG-BDSM Zurich to speak about music, sexuality and activism in July 2022.

The lead track «Break Me Down» is a brute dark EBM thunderstorm with a merciless beat and razor sharp vocals. It is an ode to devotion and submission and a must for the black dance floors.

Susurration @ Web

Susurration Live

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