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1.0 Musik1.2 VideosEchoberyl – Salomé (Suffer Me)

Echoberyl – Salomé (Suffer Me)


1.0 Musik1.2 VideosEchoberyl – Salomé (Suffer Me)

New single out July, 30th on Bandcamp and all platforms. Inspired by the tragedy of Oscar Wilde and the film versions of Carmelo Bene and Ken Russell, here is the first single from Echoberyl’s new album entitled „Mother Solitude and Other Dark Tales“ which will be released in October on the Cold Transmission label. We wanted to explore the limbo of our soul, the dark and hidden parts of our being. What we don’t want to see. What remains unmentionable. All this through mythical and legendary characters, exaggerated and fictional pendants of ourselves. Salome is part of our trip. Through her fatal dance, the character summons the shameful and immoral conflicts that can haunt us: desiring in her flesh, even to the death drive.

Single links: https://bit.ly/echoberyl-salome

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