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Electro Act unitcode:machine signs deal with COP International


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The Texas electro act has been on the Cop. International radar since James Perry / Ashes Fallen recommended them in 2020. When Chris Hall (Stabbing Westward) sent some of the tracks he produced for unitcode:machine’s next album, the decision was made.

The story of how Eric (u:m) and Chris got to know each other is as American as apple pie with a Chicago twist:

At the 2021 Cold Waves Festival, Eric had the opportunity to speak briefly with Chris about the fact that Stabbing Westward’s success had inspired him to pursue his passion for the genre. During the conversation, Cold Waves security came up and notified everyone that there was an active shooter incident and that they needed everyone to move to the alley next to the Metro, where Cold Waves was held. Eric figured since their lives were on the line now would be the perfect time to ask Chris if he would be interested in producing unitcode:machine’s next album. Much to his surprise, Chris agreed and the rest is history (in the making)

“unitcode:machine is excited to join the COP International family. My first experience with the label was from purchasing Battery’s album Aftermath at my local Best Buy as a teenager, and having the opportunity to be part of the history of a label that influenced me so much is a dream realized. ” Eric Kristoffer (Eric K) / unitcode:machine

Unitcode:Machine @ Web

Unitcode:Machine Live

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