ESA – I Detach

The official music video for the new ESA single: ‘I Detach’.
Written, Produced, Directed and Edited by Jamie Blacker Assistant Producer and Director – Keri Bailey: Director of Photography – Alex Stagg: 2nd Unit Director of Photography – Myles Fearnley: Assistant Writers: Olivia Grenadine Chloé:… Keri Bailey: Myles Fearnley: Myles Fearnley: Cast (In order of Appearance) Antagonist Caretaker – Jamie Blacker Prot Mannequin – Olivia Grenadine Chloé:… Young Caretaker – Nathan Fairchild Savage Dancing Mannequin 1 – Kathryn Marshall: Dancing Mannequin 2 – Ellen Hathaway: Warehouse Owner – Bretten Lord MUA’s Marlena Stencel: Andreea Calin: Michelle Hardwick:… Runner – Olivia Yates Filmed exclusively at Lords Antique and Salvage Centre Ingleton: Special Thanks to Bretten Lord and Robbie Blacker ESA (Electronic Substance Abuse) appears courtesy of Negative gain Productions.