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Future Trail
Future Trail - Big Sky Horizon Image
Future Trail - Move And Turn Image
Future Trail - Move And Turn
Format: Digital File
Future Trail - Breaking New Ground Image
Future Trail - Paralysis Image
Future Trail - Paralysis
Format: Digital File
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The first demos were created by René, who had been working for years in making music as a private hobby.


In 2001 he became the third davaNtage member. At the same time GuBo and Mario had a lot of lyrics, that couldn’t stand in a context to the davaNtage sound. Furthermore there was the idea of female vocals and with the joining of Mel, Future Trail was born. Mel had given her voice to the dNt-cover songs “Cold” on the davaNtage E.P. “Virus Hate” and “God Told Me To” on the Störsequenz” Sampler before. After 3 years “planning, mixing, changing” the debut release “Big Sky Horizon” was on the way for release on may the 17th in 2004. With 12 songs it consists the best of nearly 20 tracks, that had been emerged from René’s remarkable work. As shown in the cd-title “Big Sky Horizon” Future Trail is more dedicated to the personal and emotional side of the band members. Main inspiration came from the trips to north-america and the fascinating thoughts of “escape and restarting”.

In 2009 Future Trail where going on to breakthrough with their smashing new album “Breaking New Ground”. Future Trail again is sending out a strong signal into the hearts of electro-community!

If you remember the female voice of Wynardtages “The Grey Line” be prepared to get offered the vocals of Mel combined with the one of legendary Dirk Ivens (Klinik, Dive, Sonar) in the hypnotic duett of “Landslide” as one of the highlights in “Breaking New Ground”.

Another highlight is the soft pushing ballad named “Players”, where you can take a relaxation from the sonic waste of hellectro. Here and in titles like the magic “One Time Focussed” or the very romantic “Patience” the special depth of Future Trail’s compositions shine through.

And test the very ambitious “Monochrome Affair”, which offers a tension between aural caresses and subtle melancholie.

The album features soft & atmospheric electro songs one the one hand but it also touch the groovy kind of EBM in songs like “Panic” feat. the vocals of Dirk Steyer from Accessory.

The LIVE highlights of Future Trail had been 2010 and 2013 at Wave Gotik Treffen, 2011 at Nocturnal Culture Night Festival, Infest Festival in Bradford UK 2013, as supportband of KIRLIAN CAMERA 2011 and De/Vision 2012. Also some clubconcerts over the years are part of Future Trails live history.In may 2012 the “Paralysis EP” (download only) had been released.

Future Trail gets paralysed for good. After their successful restart with the “Breaking New Ground” album they sort the work of remixers and combine it with some new exciting remodeled tracks. “Paralysis EP” offers the live versions of “Monochrome Affair” and “Escape”.

Sometimes added by excellent guitar input as seen on stage or the completely new track “Decision”. The smashing “Patience” was full used for remixing by bands like Controlled Fusion, Amnistia, Wort Ton or Cephalgy and some more.

In the years between 2012 and 2016 Future Trail released a few remixes for different bands like Psyche, Machinista and a lot more.

In the year 2016 the band decided to work on a new album and also the new video of the song “MOVE AND TURN” has been shot. Released on their YouTube channel on 17th of February 2017.

The single/ep “MOVE AND TURN” (download only) with remixes of Machinista, Substaat and Interfront followed on 17th of February 2017.

At the end of the year 2018 the work for the new album “SECRETS OF THE MIND” was done . It will be released on 22th of February 2019! [Quelle:Facebook]

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