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Heilung update European tour dates and announce support acts!

The dazzling world music collective Heilung now announce new updates for their European tour in 2022 and 2023. Besides more additional shows in Krakow (PL), Milan (IT) and Vienna (AT), the band now also reveals the tour support for this tour! Eivør and Lili Refrain will join Heilung on the tour and make every night even more magical.

Healing comment on the tour: “It was wonderful to feel the ground shake under our feet again on the various festival stages in Europe this summer, and to experience the joy of all of you coming together again in a big way, singing and dancing. It was like a colourful sunrise after a long night. We are now ready for our next step on our continent: the European tour. We would like to thank everyone who has worked hard behind the scenes over the last two/three years to make this possible. It hasn’t been easy to adjust because the world has changed. On this tour we bring you our new studio album “Drif”. “Drif” means “gathering” as we will gather again to heal, connect, create and grow bigger together.

We are deeply honoured that the fantastic artists Eivør and Lili Refrain will be joining us on this tour and we look forward to spending time with you. It will truly be a once in a lifetime experience. See you all out there. Love Healing”

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Eivør and Support Elinborg at the Scala in Ludwigsburg on 17.10.2022

As a fan of Iceland and the Faroe Islands, I am not unfamiliar with...

Eivør am 17.10.2022 in der Scala in Ludwigsburg

Eivør @ Eivør Live Alle Angaben und Inhalte sind ohne Gewähr, Irrtum und Änderungen vorbehalten.
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