Sonntag, September 19, 2021

Implant – The phone call


1.0 MusikImplant - The phone call

Four years after “The Productive Citizen”, IMPLANT is soon to be back with their new full length release “Oxynoxe-X”. Meanwhile here comes a first sonic glimpse on the new album with this EP single “The Phone Call”, a medium tempo dance track we can describe as a mix of classic EBM with fresh electro à la Dewaele Bros. A track integrally composed on a Doepfer A100 modular synthesizer to which frontman Len Lemeire gives body through some easy vocal hooks stigmatising the struggle and downside of our social-media-dominated hi-tech society. “The Phone Call” EP features some 6 additional remixes by Radical G, Noseda, True Zebra, Llumen, Jean-Luc Lederman and Implant themselves. True music quizz lovers will rapidly notice that all these remixes share that special “made in Belgium” common point, letting this release bring its own contribution to the already rich “Sound of Belgium” history… As bonus-track, the EP also features the exclusive cut “El Pastor”, the opening live track of Implant’s recent live shows which appears here for the first time in studio version… Did you have your Implant today?

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