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Lakeside X release new single “Time has Come”


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Czech/Slovak synthpop band Lakeside X has finished work on their fourth album with producer Daniel Myer, titled “Love Disappears”, release is being preceded by a brand new single “Time has Come”.

After “Fire in the Sky”, “Rising” and “Lifeline”, the new single is fourth song that the trio consisting of Janne Marvannen, Robert Broj and Igor Dvorsky is releasing after coming back from a hiatus of more than eleven years. “Time has Come” is a classic synthpop anthem with pulsating beat, hypnotic bass and chorus that catches you on the first listen.

“This is the pilot single we decided to use to launch the album release. The mood, the sound, the lyrics are the pure essence of who the reborn Lakeside X are in 2022,” says frontman Janne Marvannen. “We came back after years with new vision, new energy, and the result of our work with producer Daniel Myer is a record that could considered a new debut, a new beginning, with a reference to the past and a view to the future. We are traveling souls, walking through time in an endless existence, falling down and finding our way up, over and over again. Every moment is an opportunity to begin again, every day it’s possible to say to yourself that the time has come,” the singer continues.

“The album is titled “Love Disappears”, which might evoke a sad mood, but in the end, when you listen to all ten songs, it leaves you with hope,” says keyboardist Robert Broj.

All ten songs on the album are written by author and singer Janne Marvannen, and they tell stories of downs and hopes, of loneliness and reunion. The sound of the album shows the precise work of German producer Daniel Myer, who, in addition to his work with Covenant and Haujobb, has also worked with electronic music giants such as Front 242, Nitzer Ebb and even Depeche Mode. The tracks, although electronic and ranging in genre from 80’s flavored synthpop to a modern synth-wave sound, do not lose the human dimension and you can hear even acoustic drums or distorted guitars. The fragile voice of singer Janne accompanies you throughout the whole album and adds urgency. Finally, there is also a surprise in a guest vocalist Emese Arvai-Illes from the Black Nail Cabaret project.

The single “Time has Come” is being released digitally on October 7, 2022 at Musicraft distribution on all major music services.

To support the single release, Lakeside X have made a video that once again showcases the band’s signature visual work, but this time with a different theme. The main role now has a waterman from the Vyšehrad pond, who appears on the Prague embankment as a pantomime figure from timelessness. Why the waterman?

“We wanted to show a slightly different visual again, while staying true to the style we use for our videos. After the Canadian wilderness and the story from Berlin, this time we returned to Prague, to the city where we live. Vyšehrad is one of the most important areas in Prague for me. It’s a location with an incredible concentration of energy. A place where history was made. The first seat of the Czech princes, a place where space-time seems to crack. There’s a thousand years of history crammed into one location. Under Vyšehrad on the embankment, today carefree tourists are strolling, unaware that the legend tells of a waterman under the Vyšehrad rock who is anything but the cute little green man in a tuxedo from a fairy tale. This is a pure water demon who, according to legend, doesn’t like people and has no mercy with them,” says Janne Marvannen, who describes the subject of the video. “The video should be, and I think it is, controversial to some extent. You know that it’s actually a parody, a slapstick, a pantomime, an absurd story, but there’s something about the scene that’s both disturbing and fascinating at the same time. The waterman is ridiculous in a way, he’s a caricature, but he exudes a smug evil that’s frightening. He has a power you don’t understand, and there’s no defense against it. You can disbelieve it, laugh at it, think it’s embarrassing, but you end up drowning in water if you’re not careful enough. That’s the world today and it’s full of similar watermen who are not to be laughed at,” explains Igor Dvorsky, who once again took care of the camera and editing.!

The album “Love Disappears” will be released in Musicraft distribution on October 21, 2022 and the band invites all fans to the release party on Sunday, October 23, at Lucerna Music Bar in Prague, where they will present the new album live with guests including producer Daniel Myer with his projects DSTR and Architect, and singer Emese Arvai-Illes.

Lakeside X @ Web

Lakeside X Live

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