Metroland – Cube (small)


Video graphics by Passenger N.

More in depth information by the video director, Passenger N:

I liked the idea for the look of the video but but I was unsatisfied by the original concept (Mr Cube wanders around, finding circles, triangles and other shapes everywhere to much his dismay).

Even my more abstract work have some sort of narrative structure and that’s something very important to me. So in the editing room, I thought a lot about how I could tell a story with what we shot. It was a lot harder than usual because of the structure of the track itself : apart from the intro, there’s not much of a structure.

I had the idea to base the narration on the recurrent letter-based animation, hinting of what’s going on with the letters. 4 letters to convey a story is largely enough for me.

Then, after countless hours of creating the golden / black & white visual aspect, there you have it : the story tells us about how it’s useless to look around everywhere, all you have to do is to think about who you are and you’ll find people like you that will help you to be yourself. i.e. Mr Cube leaves his reassuring world („CUBE“ reading both ways), he is unsettled („CUBE“ but then the letters scramble without meaning), the letters tell him to be himself („BE U“) and other Cube People start to appear („U C ?“), this way, Mr Cube can be fine („U B“ + the image of the thumb up). On his way home, he takes pictures of himself and has become himself again („CUBE“).

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