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NNHMN – Omen


The world in which incarnations of ancient gods live. The modern urban techno panorama where sinister doom meets ethereal and untouchable higher self…the movie is loosely inspired by the series of Matthew Barney ”Cremaster” , BDSM culture with Yoshi Yamamoto’s touch and the nostalgic memory of The Neverending Story movie – where the better self is fighting with demons and gods of the underworld. A metaphoric dream. directed by –  NNHMN camera, cut, edit, grading – Michal Laudarg mua, costumes, concept, coordination, casting – Lee produced by k-dreams films – contact – films@ kdreams. eu cast :  Oscar Mauricio _   @oskar_mauricio_ Giusi Shakti  _   @giusi_shakti Tomoya Kawamura  _   @tomoyacker Lee&Michal  _   @nnhmn_ special thanks go to Dimitri for the help during the shooting day

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