1.0 Musik 1.2 Videos Oldschool Union - Vartalovasara

Oldschool Union – Vartalovasara


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1.0 Musik 1.2 Videos Oldschool Union - Vartalovasara

The return to the Oldschool Union scene is synonymous with pure technological energy. “Vartalovasara” continues the discographical career of the duo-act, consolidating their fame and sending fans of this specific genre into ecstasy, this through an irresistibly vivid Electronic Body Music and the irreverent intransigence of punk, both melt and interpreted with absolute consistency, up to produce an explosion of modulations able to involve the listener from beginning to end: he will be immersed in a volcanic eruption of linear midtempo / uptempo drum-programming sections, straight sequencers, red-hot flows of synths and resolutely inflexible vocals. In the fourteen tracks of the full-length is contained a truly remarkable power and a totalizing dancing force impossible to avoid.

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