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Porcupine Tree Europe Tour

This can confidently be called a sensation: After twelve years, the new album “Closure/Continuation” by Porcupine Tree is finally ready in 2022. Already the pre-released track “Harridan” makes the re-entry into the world and the sound of the Brits easy. The eight-minute trip sums up a lot of what Porcupine Tree and their music that transcends all boundaries – but of course by far not everything. After all, how could the overgrown wealth of ideas of guitarist and singer Steven Wilson, keyboardist Richard Barbieri and drummer Gavin Harrison come to full fruition in just one piece? Initially formed in 1987 as Wilson’s solo side project, the band has been considered one of the most influential and creative projects since the early ’90s. Album after album – a total of ten so far – they explored an immense sonic world. Defined only somewhat helplessly as prog rock, the work cannot be pressed into a genre designation at all. Porcupine Tree experimented with psychedelic rock as well as with electronic soundscapes, with experimental pop as well as with classical or metal influences. On their later records, they have combined all of this quite effortlessly and homogeneously, creating a musical universe around them. Translated with (free version)

Porcupine Tree have been working on “Closure/Continuation” since 2010 – there was always a steadily growing file on the computer. Now and then it was forgotten – after all, Wilson alone has enough to do as a solo artist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, lyricist, producer, remixer, restorer and label operator. Then again, she nagged the musicians to keep going and see where it all might lead. Because it became clear early on: what was being created was not comparable to the other work of the individual members. This material was pure, unmistakable, undeniably and unadulterated Porcupine Tree, the combined musical DNA of the people behind this sound and art.

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