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  1. Hello Destiny (Albumversion) Tw. With Dennis Schober (Solitary Experiments)
  2. Shake Hands Tw. With Frank Sander
  3. Rich Kids Tw. With Robin Hirte & Mario Niemann
  4. Catch My Fall Tw. With Syntec
  5. Yes Sir! Tw. With LeæTher Strip
  6. Favourite Game (Clubedit) Tw. With Frank Sander
  7. Golden Waves Tw. With Rob Dust
  8. Burned Out Sun Tw. With Outsized
  9. As Long As We Fight (Red Snapper Version) Tw. With Outsized
  10. Let's Smash Our Masterplan Of Life Tw. With Outsized
  11. For Dj'S And Dancers Tw. With Modekay
  12. Rape My Soul Tw. With Modekay





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