Dead Astronauts - Silhouettes Redux (CD)

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  1. Low Light (S Y Z Y G Y X Remix)
  2. Strangers in a Room (Cult Of Alia Remix)
  3. Forgetting Me (Outerspace Version ft. Steve Monti)
  4. Thorns (The Rain Within Remix)
  5. She Haunts Me (CIRQUE D'ESS Remix)
  6. Chauffeur and the Flame (Mechanimal Remix)
  7. Missing Person (ULTRA SUNN Remix)
  8. Missing Person (Mecha Maiko Remix)
  9. Pain, I Know (Camlann Remix)
  10. Cage (Dead Lights Remix)
  11. These Hands (Crying Vessel Remix)


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