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  • I Fall Over (Live)
  • The Damage You Do (Live)
  • Needle In A Bruise (Live)
  • Trust You (Live)
  • People Like Me (Live)
  • I Don't Think They Know (Live)
  • Safe With Me (Live)
  • You Didn't Want Me (Live)
  • Confined (Live)
  • It Scares Me (Live)
  • Someone To Believe In (Live)
  • Not Prepared (Live)
  • This Without You (Live)
  • Trust You (Video Clip)
  • Not Prepared (Zillo Festival)
  • Fragile (Zillo Festival)
  • Not Prepared (Video Clip)
  • Not Prepared (Video Clip - Making Of)
  • Scares Me (Video Clip)


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