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  • Wonderland
  • Heart of stone
  • Every now and then
  • Head over heels
  • Zeitgeist feat. Dirk Ivens (dive)
  • Discipline
  • Transcendent
  • The great unknown (album) feat. Elena Fossi (Kirlian Camera)
  • End of story
  • Self-fulfilling prophecy
  • In agony
  • Träumen feat. Nina De Lianin (In Strict Confidence)
  • Sea of love feat. Patrik Hansson (uncreated/vanguard)
  • Anyone out there feat. Gabriella Åström (me the tiger)
  • So bizarre feat. nils upahl (beyond obsession)
  • Every Now And Then (Rob Dust RMX)
  • Heart Of Stone (Grendel RMX)
  • Wonderland (In Strict Confidence RMX)
  • Heart Of Stone (Run Level Zero RMX)
  • Wonderland (Supreme Court RMX)
  • Darkness falls (Anxiolytic RMX By MC1R)
  • Road To Horizon (Controlled Fusion RMX By Steffen Schuhrke)
  • Immortal (Massiv In Mensch RMX)
  • Achromatic feat. Helix
  • Delight feat. Julia Beyer
  • Now or never feat. Adam is a girl
  • Sanctuary feat. Schmoun
  • Epiphany feat. Omnimar
  • Phoenix feat. Foretaste
  • I am feat. Distorted Reality
  • The Struggle feat. Julia Beyer
  • Shelter feat. Schmoun





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