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Rohn – Lederman need a plan


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From Emileigh: So here we go again.. forging our own path in this apparent continuous sludge we pummel through in the hope of making sense of a thick and dark ocean that often simply feels doesn’t belong to us. After the recent release of our full-length album, “RAGE!”, it felt appropriate to showcase this song in particular. Did anyone notice it’s voting season? We did. We Need A Plan!!

How simple does it get? In this case, we asked the talented production artist Mark Hockings to adapt an upbeat mix for us, and I am incredibly grateful for his offering. His adherence to our original songwriting sparkles as a hopeful twist to feel emotionally relieved in. His mix reminds us that it’s always most beautiful at the end of the story:)

Next up comes the intimately delicate darkness in the story that floats within us, a fresh approach from Jean-Marc himself. His inventive composership and deeply magnificent cinematic production immediately flips the switch to circle the insistent and persistent hesitation that companions us.

Linger is one of those wiggly worms that have been trapped in my ear for nearly 30 years!!! Wrapped around my brain and fingers, it has infested me over and over on repeat! The only way to release its slither was of course to: Re-release it as our own interpretation! And what better way to do that than alongside the exceptional Jean-Marc Lederman?!? After many karaoke nights and attempts at learning acoustic guitar, this worm finally gets its moment!!

From Jean-Marc “exceptional” is not binding.

Rohn + Lederman @ Web

Rohn + Lederman Live

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Dear visitors, we are just starting the translation of the magazine into English. Some pages will therefore not yet work and some content is still missing compared to the German version. Please also note that we are not native speakers. Therefore, please forgive any translations that may not be entirely correct.

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