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Rroyce – Rroarr


78 %
Paranoiac SL
85 %
Fox P2
80 %
Pause for Thought
75 %
70 %
Where the Morons walk
80 %
Whipping Boy
75 %
80 %
My Head is full of you
77 %
Something natural
85 %
Answers & Questions
79 %
I Look nicer with you
75 %
75 %
Social Media Fake Friend
77 %
Call of the Void
80 %
85 %
88 %
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With “Rroarr”, the synthpoppers from Rroyce bring their fourth album to the people. With album number two “Karoshi” at the latest, the fan base has become bigger and bigger. Of course, the emotional stage performances have also contributed to this.

A few months ago, Rroyce released the single “Paranoica SL” and received a lot of applause. If you haven’t already done so, you should definitely watch the accompanying video. The single made it clear that the Rroyce sound will change a little. The song is much harder than all the previous tracks. The second single, “Another”, showed another side of the band. The tension for the album “Rroarr” increased and I was not disappointed. The opener “Venom” is still a “classic” Rroyce Syntpop song with a very catchy chorus. “Fox P2” shows that the band has matured over the years. A really great synthpop song that also has the necessary drive.

“Rebuilt.Reborn” then brings guitars into the Rroyce Sound 2022. Otherwise, the song reminds me of And One, especially in the verses. Did I just say guitars? “Where The Morons Walk” has a few more of them on board and feels more like a rock song overall anyway. At the latest now it’s clear that Rroyce sound more flexible than ever and still have a clear signature. “Something Natural” brings a little Covenant sound into play. I would have expected the emphatically unemotional vocal lines in the verse from the Swedes, but Rroyce combine the whole thing with a singalong chorus. The song is really fun!

The closing “Call Of The Void” is another rhythmic bouncer that signals that you should listen to the album again from the beginning. I wasn’t a big fan of the last album “Patience” but “Roarr” will surely appear in my playlist more often.

But before anyone gets “scared” that the band is changing too much, there are enough songs on this album that could have been on the last one (Lifetime, Social Media Fake Friend, etc), but the band has broadened the stylistic range at the edges and that’s a good thing.

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Die Synthpopper von Rroyce bringen mit „Rroarr“ ihr viertes Album unter die Leute. Spätestens mit Album Nummero Zwo „Karoshi“ wurde die Fanbase immer größer. Dazu beigetragen haben natürlich auch die emotionalen Bühnenauftritte. Vor ein paar Monaten ließen Rroyce bereits die Single „Paranoica SL“ auf die...Rroyce - Rroarr