Tenek – Imitation of Life


This is the Official Tenek Music Video, „Imitation of Life“ [2016].
*To learn more, please visit the below links.
Website: www.tenek.co.uk
BandCamp: www.tenek.bandcamp.com
FaceBook: www.facebook.com/tenekinfo
Twitter: @tenekinfo
Written, Directed and edited by Vincent Kavanagh
Producer – Rebecca Munns
Lead cast: Jessica Earnshaw, Daniel Bapeck, David Tarpey and Gabriella C
Supporting cast: Maria Allen
DOP – Amir Moulfi
Production Design: Piers Muiry
Visual effects artist – Josh Hughes
Colourist – Franco Cuen
1st Assistant Director – Kabir Baraky
3rd Assistant Director – Adam Nelki
ACs: Elisa Spigariol, Kyle Jones
Gaffers: Craig Gambell, Tsvetina Georgieva
Sparks: Kyle Jones, Kelly Pyner
Runner: Bento Bajaha

Many thanks to all the cast and crew for participating in the production. With additional thanks to Ravenbourne College, London England UK. Live footage of the band provided by Jennifer Papacek Klimowicz.