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Transcendent 7’s ‚Control‘ is the first single from the forthcoming debut album entitled ‚Equilibrium‘. Premiered by Richard Blade of Sirius XM’s ‚First Wave. ©2020 ScentAir Records / Splendid Recordings. ℗MWPublishing [BMI].

The full album is due out in September. Until then, please help us share this content and be sure you visit your favorite digital media platform and get the single!!

•Transcendent 7 is Matt Willis
•Music, Vocals and Lyrics by M.Willis
•Produced by Skyler D. White and Transcendent 7
•Mastered by Scyia
•Vocal Mix by Dan Guenther
•Video by Transcendent 7 and rendered in 1440p HD

**An image used in the video was with the authorization of Empathy Test.

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