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XPQ-21 – Machines


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The near future. Wearing masks has become the norm, we move with them as a matter of course.
The apocalypse hits us in harsh spurts and we learn to deal with it. Through sudden extraterrestrial knowledge and experiments with A.I., to make the perfect human and save lives, cyborgs have become a part of our society.

Yes, even better than humans.

At what price, however, is not known. The totalitarian government knows everything and controls everything. Failed experiments from a crossbreed of humanoids and helpful alien beings are forced to group into gangs and go underground.

Is there hope? Yes.

Produced by: Jeyênne
Directed by: Yaan Alexeev @yaanberlin

Performance by: Métaraph
Director of Photography: Yaan Alexeev, Sheldon Ridley

Cyborg 1: Jeyênne
Cyborg 2: K1mb0xn4u7
Cyborg 3: Lo.Sai
Cyborg 4: Hybral
Cyborg 5: No Savvy

Lighting Effects: Efrén Mur

Art Department: Yaan Alexeev, Jeyênne

Props: K1mb0xn4u7
Hair & Make-up: Sharlina Redjepi

Stylist: Vyraproductions

AMF Corsets

Grip: K1mb0xn4u7

Edit: Beben Berlin

Special Thanks:
Timur Novikov
Sebastian Donath
Oliver Ajkovic
Charles Ladmiral
Delight Rental Services Berlin – Micha
Alexei Bazdarev
Toraj Mahrukh
Kumasch Exclusive Stoffe – Berlin Prenzlauer Berg
EMS – Electronic Music School

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XPQ-21 Live

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